AZIZ'S NOTEBOOK: At the Hear of the Iranian Revolution by Chowra Makaremi, translated by Renuka George 

In 2004, Chowra Makaremi discovered the notebook written years before by her since-deceased maternal grandfather, Aziz Zarei.The notebook recounts the tragic destiny of Azizs two daughters in the Teheran of the 1980s: the first one, Chowras aunt, was arrested and executed, despite being 8-months pregnant in 1982. The second, Chowras own mother, was arrested in 1981 and was imprisoned and tortured for 7 long years before she was finally killed in the mass-murder of political prisoners in Irans prisons during the year1988. Written by an ordinary, pious man and a desperate father, this notebook brings to life those tragic years in general, and in particularthe prison massacre of 1988, when personal tragedy joined History in the making of a country which has yet to find peace with itself and withthe world. About the Author Chowra Makaremi was born in Teheran in 1980 but escaped veryyoung to Paris with her brother and father when her mother was imprisoned. She studied political science and anthropology in Paris.

Genre: Memoir
Price: 250
ISBN: 9789382579021 

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