BABY LOOKING OUT AND OTHER STORIES  by Padmini Mongia and Illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

A baby visits Philadelphia and looks out on his family having breakfast, on people walking down the streets. The more he looks the more he sees.

A monkey finds a top hat, a bat a kite, and a kachhua a skateboard amongst the
houses, trees, and parks of Defence Colony in New Delhi.

A boy gets run away by a shoe, a scooter driver by a sound, and Joey by his mood. Twin girls and their brother get new clothes.

Miss Hadd tells young children a frightening story—a story that could come true
because all her stories are true.

Look, and see.

Genre: Short Fiction
Price: Rs.350
ISBN: 978-93-82579-23-6

Available on : FLIPKART / AMAZON