COLDNOON: Travel Poetics Volume I, Issue II by Arup K Chatterjee (eds)

Coldnoon is an anthology of travelogues (poetry, fiction and non-fiction) re-imagining the sphere of travel literature and the notion of travel itself. Chatterjee guides us through the many ways that one journeys. We unpack the philosophical, spiritual and political implications that travel lends itself to and which are nearly always ignored by commissioners of conventional travel writing.

Coldnoon conceives travel not just trans-national or trans-continental travel but deconstructs it to the very basic level of electronic motion within orbits, and the motion of light that creates the universe each day anew. With this view it seeks to build an oeuvre of literature and literary theory that goes beyond formalism, postcolonialism, ideology and politics-a theoretical framework that focuses right at the basics of creation and destruction owing to travel and its stoppage.

Hitchhiking across the world through poetic and prose travelogues, the reader is made conscious of how nuanced the act of travel is as we are brought home knowing that life is a voyage itself.

Arup K Chatterjee lives in New Delhi. He is writing his Ph.D dissertation at the centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Genre: Poetry/Travel
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ISBN: 9772278964001 
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