INDIA EXCLUSION REPORT 2016 by Centre for Equity Studies

India Exclusion Report is a widely collaborative effort involving institutions and individuals working with a shared notion of social and economic equity, justice and rights. The report seeks to inform public opinion around exclusion and the role of the state; and to influence policy making towards creating a more inclusive, equitable and just society. It is also meant to bring to the fore particular vulnerabilities faced by marginalized communities and groups, their lives and struggles. This endeavour seeks to support public action for the greater inclusion of and justice for the oppressed and the marginalized people of India. 

India Exclusion Report 2016 presents an in-depth review of inclusion and exclusion from a range of public goods. These are pension for old people; digital inclusion; access to agricultural land; and the under-trial prisoner's access to justice. The report seeks to give insights into the following disadvantaged groups: poor in urban India, girls and women with disability in rural India, manual scavengers and urban street children. The report also discusses implications on social sector spending of recent changes in India's fiscal architecture.

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