ONCE THERE WAS A CITY NAMED DILLI by Intizar Husain, translated by Ghazala Jamil and Faiz Ullah

The history of Delhi has been told and retold many times. Often the intent is to use history as an ideological tool for staking a claim to the present of the city. In Intizar Husain's retelling, it is the tale itself that becomes delectable. A popular recital that highlights the forgotten nuances of the story, Once There Was a City Named Dilli, is a celebration of the people and culture that made the city unforgettable. Forts, walled cities, bazaars, diwan khanas, durbars, and the Yamuna itself come alive in this ode to a capital serenaded and ravaged by powerful kings and chieftains over time. 

Genre: Biography/ City Writings
Price: Rs.450
ISBN: 9789382579175                                                                          

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