First installment of the Yoda Press Workshops

Yoda Press is known for its stellar editorial work and our books have a reputation for not just being pathbreaking in their content, but also for the clean and thoughtful copy it comes out as an end result. This year we decided to share our knowledge with others because we believe that every writer should have the basic tools in hand when they approach the final step of submitting their work.
After a meticulous process of whetting submissions for this workshop, we finally selected a group of six very talented and eager writers. The workshop was conducted by Arpita Das, publisher and founder of Yoda Press, who guided our participants through the meticulous process of editor proofing one's writing over the course of sixteen hours spread over two days. 

At the end of the extensive two day workshop our participants felt that they were now equipped with tools that will not only make their writing more concise and in order. If any participants had any complaints about the workshop, it was that they felt it could be longer. And we feel that just that remark says everything about the experience our participants had at the sessions. 

If you want to participate in our future workshops, please write to us at info@yodapress.co.in with your query.